The “Crane Kick”

"The Crane Kick"

A couple days ago I was with the kids at the pool.  While trying to teach Nathan and Anne how to dive, I looked over and watched Molly very intentionally step up to the edge of the pool.  She had a focused, determined posture and look.  I could tell she was thinking hard about what she was doing, and she was a little bit scared.  After a second or two of collecting her wits and balance, she slowly raised both arms and cocked one knee up high and I immediately recognized she was about to do “The Crane”.  (Yes, my 6 year old daughter has seen The Karate Kid … several times.)    So there she is, arms and knee raised as high as she can get them, studying her landing for several seconds.  After what would have been a very choreographed dramatic pause in a movie – but in real life just Molly gathering her courage – she leapt.  And I must say, executed a very nice “Crane Kick” right into the water.  As a dad I almost cried.

Molly is so pure.  She had a thought – “I wonder if I can jump in the pool like the Karate Kid?”  You could see the concern and fear on her face, but you could also see the courage and determination welling from deep within.

I wish I could describe the pride on her face when her little head bobbed back up above the surface.  But I suspect my little face was pretty proud, too, the way a father’s should be when his children take risks.  And possibly, just possibly, the way our Heavenly Father beams with pride at us, His beloved children.


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