Five Smooth Stones

riverrockI’ve written about Rich Mullins before.  He was an amazing song writer, singer, and follower of Jesus.  His music continues to impact me nearly every day.

One song that smacked me around a little the other day is called “What Trouble are Giants”.  In this song, Rich tells the story of David, the “scrawny little shepherd”  going out to fight the “record-breaking mammoth of a man Who was a killing machine”.  The line that got me says David left Saul’s armor “by the river, where he gather five smooth stones.  I guess it’s safe to say he figured, he wasn’t going out alone.”

Man, what faith!  I always assumed David got the extra stones for back-up.  Rich saw it a different way.  He knew that David’s “back-up” was going out onto the battlefield with him.  The final line of the song – David wasn’t scared “‘Cause he was smart enough to know It’s more the size of who you put your faith in Than the size of your foe.

I put my faith in so many dumb things – as if 5 smooth stones can win any battles.  Oh, how I need to learn from David: “I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel.”  And from Rich: “When you’re fighting for Zion And you’re on the Lord’s side I think you’re gonna find [Giants] ain’t no trouble at all.  They ain’t no trouble at all.”

What “giant” do you need to stop battling with stones and come against in the name of the LORD Almighty?


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5 responses to “Five Smooth Stones

  1. YOU! Just kidding. I *never* thought I’d have to say this, but probably the future.

  2. Watch it, DeFazio. I know where your office is… Interesting answer, though. I wonder – how does one battle “the future” with stones? In other words, what can/do you (or “people” if you want to answer more generally) try to do in your own strength to affect the future, rather than rely on God?

  3. I love Rich Mullins! That’s a song I often sing to my kids. It’s a fun song with a great message like you said.

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  5. Rich was fascinated with King David, also a songwriter!
    Raised as a Quaker, he no doubt did not anticipate fighting a literal battle. As someone who was in close contact with him for ten years, I’m writing about his creative process; I’ve concluded that he found–and fought–his enemies within. Thanks for this reminder of one of Richard’s beautiful attitudes!

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