Relationslips Week 4 // Non-Compliant


The medical world has a name for me.  That name?  “Medically Non-Compliant”.   I have a drawerful of half-empty prescription bottles that testify to my non-compliance.  I go to the doctor and tell him my symptoms.  He sends me to a lab to run some tests and then prescribes some treatments.  I go home and … do some of it … or none of it … and then wonder why this condition is lingering on so long…

I’m afraid many of us (myself included) are spiritually non-compliant.

We go to God and tell him our our symptoms.  “God, my __________ [marriage, son, daughter, relationship, finances, hope, life…] is broken.  Seems like I just can’t seem to get better.”

God sends us to His Word to run some tests and prescribe some treatments.  (If you missed church last Sunday, or need a fresh dose of prescribed treatments for your relationships, you can watch Rusty’s message here.)

We receive the prescription, go home, and … don’t follow through.  We all have different reasons.  Disagree with the “diagnosis”.  Don’t think the treatment will work.  Think we can heal it another way.  Figure it can’t really be that bad.  Go looking for a “second opinion”.  We forget.  Or just flat-out don’t want to.

Ultimately, all those reasons come down to one thing – we don’t trust the Physician.  We don’t care enough about His opinion to heed His prescription for a healthy life.  And then, sadly, we blame Him that our __________ [marriage, son, daughter, relationship, finances, hope, life…] hasn’t gotten better.  We accuse Him for our brokenness and deny our own spiritual non-compliance.

What prescription do you need to follow through on today?  Forgive someone who has wronged you?  Show mercy and grace to your child?  Honor your parents?  Trust God with your finances?  Be faithful to your word?  To your spouse?

What is stopping you?


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