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Following the Search Light


“What’s that light, Dad?” my kids (9, 7 & 6) chirped from the backseat of the van on our way home from the Inland Empire not long ago.  They excitedly watched the sky, occassionally shouting things like, “There it is!”  “I saw it that time!”  “Where?  I didn’t see it.”  “We’re getting closer!”

Amy and I joined in the excitement, helping the kids speculate what could be the purpose for the mysterious search light.  Maybe a circus.  A car show.  Some kind of street carnival complete with funnel cakes and a Ferris Wheel.  (Okay, I was the only one hoping for the funnel cakes.)  Nathan, of course, suggested repeatedly that it MUST be the Bat signal.

Several minutes of this and the tower of light was constantly visible as it paced back and forth across the sky.  Excitement filled the van as we rounded each bend, hoping we would come across this hypothetical carnival or random street fair.

Finally, as we came around a ridge along the 210 freeway, there was the source of the light.  The kids squealed with excitement!  Amy and I encouraged them to try to figure what it was drawing attention to.  And then…we figured it out, thanks to a HUGE vinyl sign tied to the end of a warehouse building and all lit up.

From the backseat, ecstatic, “There it is! There it is! … Dad, what’s an ‘Adult Factory Outlet’?”

From the front seat, mortified, “Ummmm, something for grown ups.  Don’t worry about it.”

Where is the Bat signal when you really need it?  Seriously.



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