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Hi, I’m Andy, and I am terribly inconsistent.  I blog inconsistently.  I read my Bible inconsistently.  I pray with Amy inconsistently.  I remember things inconsistently (or not at all).  I call my parents inconsistently.  Drink water inconsistently.  Exercise inconsistently.  Discipline my kids inconsistently.  Balance the checkbook inconsistently.  About the only thing I do consistently is feel bad about myself for being so inconsistent.

Sure, there are times I try to excuse it as just part of my personality.  (ENFP if you’re playing along on Meyers-Briggs.)  And I suppose part of that is true.  I like spontaneity and change and all that.  I switch from iCal to Entourage and back every couple of weeks.  I like to move my office around.  I drive a different way to work every day.  I get a different kind of soda pretty much every time.  Amy is all Dr Pepper all the time – that would drive me crazy.

But the truth is, there are things I want to do consistently and I just don’t.  And I miss out on so much because of it.  So I need two things, if you have a minute.  #1 – someone please tell me I’m not alone.  What do you struggle to do consistently that you actually, truly do want to do.  And #2 – give me some tips.  What have you found that has helped you get at least some consistency that maybe I could learn from?  Maybe we can all learn a little bit from each other.



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I Hate Pencils

I’m not a big fan of anything you have to fix every time you use it.  Like pencils.  Write for any length of time and you have to sharpen it.  (And don’t even get me started on emptying the pencil sharpener…)  I used to make my high school math teacher crazy doing trig and analytic geometry with Paper-mate erasable ink pens.  Sorry, Mrs. Huckabee.

I have that same sort of fear about starting my own blog.  I know that if you want people to read it, you have to keep it pencil-lead sharp.  ‘Cause you’re going to read it once and then want it updated.  So I’m nervous, but going to go ahead and give it a try.  Because I have learned a few things over the years…
#1 – Ink isn’t very good for math.
#2 – Some things that require constant “upkeep” are worth it.  Primarily, relationships.  Ever notice that most of what we do in our relationships is “upkeep”?  We have to go back and fix a harsh word we shouldn’t have said, or a feeling we inadvertently hurt.  Regardless of how much time we got to spend together yesterday we want to and need to spend more together today.  And with each passing day, as life changes each of us just a little bit, we have to be mindful of where each other is coming from and where each other is going and how the activity of life affects us on our way.  And the constant upkeep is worth it, because relationships are worth it.

So I’m starting a blog even though I hate pencils.  What are things in your life that require constant upkeep, but you do…you stick with it…you constantly keep it up…because it is worth it?  (And don’t say blogs!)

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