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Happy Birthday, Anne!

8 years ago today my life changed forever.  I became the daddy of a girl.  I had no idea how many things came in pink and purple, how many dolls this world had to offer (and that all those dolls needed names other than “Baby”), how many times one person can say “I love you”, or how much fun makeup can be even for a 3 year old.


Anne has always… ALWAYS  loved to dance.  She rolled over at 5 days old and we thought it was a fluke.  We were wrong.  She hasn’t missed a day since to roll, twirl, spin, leap, and occasionally flop (but always with style) across our living room sprinkling joy and laughter and beauty all along the way.  And this is one girl who loves beauty!  We are constantly trying to help her understand the right kind of beauty (my wife tells the story best), but you just can’t take the beauty out of the girl.

Anne, you are beautiful, both on the inside and out.  Your daddy is proud of you and  will always… ALWAYS love you!  Happy birthday, sweetheart.


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