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Cheapskate Tooth Fairy


Several months ago my son lost a tooth.  In the middle of the night my wife woke me and asked if I had put any money under his pillow.  I hadn’t.  So with eyes mostly closed, I dug through the change drawer, pulled together $2.00 in quarters, stealthily exchanged the tooth for a Ziploc bag with the coinage, and got back in bed, all without ever really waking up.

Next morning, Nathan came in wearing a huge smile and toting his bag of change.  Me: “Tooth Fairy come last night, buddy?”  Nathan, excitedly: “Yep.  And YOU [very proud that he knows no such fairy exists] left me a dollar and eighty cents!”  He proudly bounced out of the room, cherishing his treasure.  And Amy and I looked at each other puzzled, and then nearly fell on the floor laughing.  Apparently in the middle of the night the tooth fairy can’t tell the difference between a quarter and a nickel!

How I wish I was like Nathan.  Too often I see my Heavenly Father like a cheapskate tooth fairy, not giving me all that I feel like I deserve…of something I could never deserve.  I focus on the “20 cents” He must have forgotten about instead of the bag of money (amazing wife; healthy, beautiful kids; a great church and job; good friends and family…) I’m holding that I had no business receiving.

Do any of you ever feel on the short end of a gift God is in the process of giving you?  What gifts do you most often forget that you need to be completely thankful for?  Tell us about it.


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