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Not A Check


I get several of these a month. I expect you do, too.  Think for a minute about the guy whose job it was to make something that looked just like a check.  He must have spent at least a couple hours, even if he was a good graphic artist.  To get this laid out just right.  To make sure you have all the elements – date, “Pay To The Order Of:”, fake routing number bar code (imagine if they accidentally used a real one)…  The attention to detail has to be there.

And then some marketing guy (or more likely, legal) said they need to put the words “THIS IS NOT A CHECK” in big, bold, ugly letters right across the front!  All that effort to make it look like the real deal, just to be exposed as a phony with no value whatsoever.

Then it hit me – this is a picture of my life.  I put way too much effort into giving the appearance of having it all together.  I know the words to say and facial expressions to use to be very believable.  Am I the only one who spends more time trying to LOOK real than to actually BE real?

And every now and then my sin comes along and slaps the words “Andy Is Not  _____________” right across my life for everyone to see.  “Andy Is Not near as good as he tries to let on.”  “Andy Is Not as patient at home as he is in public.”  “Andy Is Not as disciplined as he tells other people they should be.”

Thank goodness my value isn’t defined by the words my sin slaps across my life, but by the Name God has written on my heart!



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