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Inversely Proportional


I don’t remember a terrible amout from Mrs. Huckaby’s math classes in high school.  I remember she HATED it that I used erasable ink pens instead of pencil.  I remember that she always had colors smeared on her hand from writing with markers on the overhead projector.  I remember being the “Hammer Weilder” for Mu Alpha Theta – a job that sounds a lot more dangerous than it really is.

And I remember Inversely Proportional Relationships.  Basically, in an inversely proportional relationship, as one variable increases its counterpart decreases as a given factor remains constant.  Like a teeter-totter – if I go up, you go down and the middle remains constant.  (Here is the Wikipedia link of you need the official refresher.  I’d give you Mrs. Huckaby’s e-mail if I had it.)

I can give you a few very personal examples.  If my eating remains constant, my exercise and my weight are inversely proportional.  (Lately, my weight is kicking my exercise’s tail.)  If my lack of sleep remains constant, my energy level and my coffee consumption are inversely proportional.

But here is the issue that is hitting my heart these days.  As the craziness of life remains constant, my attitude is inversely proportional with my relationship with God.  As my “quiet time” decreases, my anxiety skyrockets.  As my prayer life dwindles, my impatience with my kids explodes.  When I skimp on reading the Bible, I binge on ego and arrogance.

And there is one more trick with this problem: you can only change it by focusing on one variable.  I can’t decide to be less anxious and therefore become closer to God.  I can’t determine to be more patient with my kids and consequently suddenly have more peace.

No, the only way to decrease anxiety is to increase surrender.  The only way to decrease impatience is to increase humility.  The only way to decrease self is to increase Christ.

The only solution for this equation is knowing The Unchangeable Constant!

What will you do today to know Him more?



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