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Odd Thing to Love


The other day I was driving my kids somewhere and saw a license plate I thought they would like.  “Hey guys.  Can you see what that license plate says?”  Some muttering and guessing from the back seat.  Then Nathan rang out – “Simba lover”!

I continued, pointing out the frame – “I’m wild about lions!” and waxing eloquent (according to me) for a few minutes about how that person apparently liked lions and the Lion King movie, blah blah, blah.  The kids grunted, feigning interest, until I concluded my talk.

After a few seconds of awkward silence, Anne mused.

“Cartoon lions.  That’s sort of an odd thing to love.”

I love some pretty odd things, too.  Don’t you?  TV Shows?  Notre Dame Football?  Spaghetti?  I get pretty excited about those things.  I look forward to enjoying them.  I carve out time so there aren’t distractions.  I get emotionally involved in how they turn out.  I reminisce and remember and relive the highlights.  But at the end of the day, those are sort of odd things to love.

David has the right idea.  “Oh how I love your law!  It is my meditation all the day.”  Psalm 119:97 (ESV)

How often do you look forward to spending time with God’s Law?  Are you as disciplined at carving out time to read The Word as you are at setting up the DVR?  Do you get as emotionally involved in God’s story as you do the trials and travails of your team’s season?  Or your show’s storyline?  Or the lives of the (pretend) people on TV?

And maybe a better question – What can we do to stop loving odd things and start loving the only thing that matters?


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Wake up the echoes

Ahhhhhh – college football.

A couple years ago, after Notre Dame suffered an(other) embarrassing loss way too early in the season, I was grumbling about how they were better than this.  My sweet, loving, and very very logical wife said to me, “Andy, I’ve known you for what – 12 years.  Every fall you tell me how great Notre Dame is.  But Andy … (dramatic pause) … they’re not good.”  Those words actually came out of her mouth!  After looking at her in disbelief for what must have been hours, I finally had to recognize that – at best – it had been a rough decade…and a half…and counting…

But like a good fan, I still believe.  At least until next Saturday.

What about you?  What do you continue to believe in even if it disappoints you over and over?

And last but not least, anybody got tickets to the ND / USC game on November 29th that you don’t need?  Or need a traveling companion to South Bend to see Stanford in October?  I’m available for either game.  I’m just saying…

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