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“Let’s Talk”


Ever had this conversation with God?

You are always righteous, O Lord, when I bring a case before you.  But I would speak with you about your justice.

These are the words of the prophet Jeremiah (12:1) and I’ve been there.  Plenty of times.  As my grandma would say, “God, I have a bone to pick with you!”

I got very curious about Jeremiah’s challenge to God – to “speak with” Him, so I did a few simple word studies.  And I was blown away.

  • “Righteous” = right, lawful, correct – specifically in governing, in one’s cause, in conduct and character, in what you DO
  • “bring a case” = to strive; to contend; to disagree; to argue
  • “speak” = to talk; to communicate; to “chat”
  • “justice” = judgments; decisions; processes

Notice the contrasts between “righteous” and “justice”.  And between “bring a case” and “speak”.

So here is how I would rewrite Jeremiah’s thought:  “God, you are always right in what you DO.  I know I can count on you DOING the right thing, even when I argue with you.  But … can we chat about your decisions.”

Or even simpler: “God, let’s talk.  I don’t want to argue – you always win.  I want to start from a posture of trust and faith.  But I really want to understand you on this one…”

Does this sound like your prayer life?  Do you approach God seeking to understand Him, or ready to pick a fight?  He is big enough to handle both, but I wonder if we’d be better off to come seeking to understand Him instead of getting Him to understand us.

Your thoughts? I’d really love to hear from you.


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