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Friday Spellers

When I was in grade school, we would have a spelling “pre-test” every Wednesday. If you got a 100% on the pre-test, you didn’t have to take the actual test on Friday. (Instead, you got to read a book, or something dumb like that.) I ALWAYS had to take the test on Friday – I was a “Friday Speller”.  Let me say that another way. In all my years of elementary school (only 6 for your smart alecks) I NEVER got all the words right on Wednesday. I seriously don’t remember one time.

Today, I saw my daughter’s bookmark laying on the table, and my heart swelled with pride. I love this girl!

Maybe she shouldn’t be done with “scool” just yet.  Or maybe she, like her father before her, is destined to always be a Friday speller.  Any other Friday spellers out there?  Can I get a “Whoo!hoo!”?



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