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Is following Jesus more like football or soccer?

Had an interesting discussion with my son today.  In trying to instill in him a love for sports, we were watching the Notre Dame game.  (Win over Stanford, in case you missed it.)  At one point, they were replaying a particular play trying to determine if “the nose of the ball broke the plane of the goal line” and I was doing my best to explain to Nathan what that meant – that in football, the ball only has to barely touch the line to be a score.

And it got me thinking – is following Jesus more like football or soccer?  In other words, does Jesus want “break the plane” followers, or “whole ball across the whole line” followers?  I believe, as in football, we are “in” when the “nose” of our faith “breaks the plane” of God’s amazing grace.  But I also believe that living a life that pleases God requires more than that.  I believe it is more like soccer.

You see, in soccer, for a goal to be scored, “the whole ball must be across the whole line”.  In other words, the ball has to be fully across – fully committed – to count.

I want to follow Jesus soccer-style.  I want my whole life to be fully devoted to living and loving like Jesus.

How about you – where are you on the line?


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Wake up the echoes

Ahhhhhh – college football.

A couple years ago, after Notre Dame suffered an(other) embarrassing loss way too early in the season, I was grumbling about how they were better than this.  My sweet, loving, and very very logical wife said to me, “Andy, I’ve known you for what – 12 years.  Every fall you tell me how great Notre Dame is.  But Andy … (dramatic pause) … they’re not good.”  Those words actually came out of her mouth!  After looking at her in disbelief for what must have been hours, I finally had to recognize that – at best – it had been a rough decade…and a half…and counting…

But like a good fan, I still believe.  At least until next Saturday.

What about you?  What do you continue to believe in even if it disappoints you over and over?

And last but not least, anybody got tickets to the ND / USC game on November 29th that you don’t need?  Or need a traveling companion to South Bend to see Stanford in October?  I’m available for either game.  I’m just saying…

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