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If I Were a Turkey…

Today the kids wrote in their writing journals on the topic, “If you were a turkey in a turkey farm the day before Thanksgiving…”  I’ll just let them speak for themselves.

Nathan, 9 years old, wrote: “If I was a turkey on a turkey farm the day before Thanksgiving, I would be scared.  My friend Jake said, ‘Everybody to the Emergency Hole!’  Everybody gobbled and squawked all the way there.  When the farmer came out, he said, ‘Where’d they go?’  Meanwhile, the turkeys were playing poker, swimming, and eating.  5 days later they came out.”


Anne, 8 years in old in three weeks, wrote (and I’ll leave it spelled and punctuated the way she did): “If I was a Turkey the day befor Thanksgiving, I would tolk To my friend.  His name would be Turkey.  And I would be picked as the Turkey for the feast!”


Molly, 6 years old, wrote: “If I was a turkey the day befour Thanksgiving I would dress-up like a business woman.  I would make plans so the Indians and Pilgrams can’t find me because I would hide behind a hay stack.  I would clolor my feathers red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.”


(In case you can’t read the speech balloon, it says, “Don’t kill me!  PLEASE!”)

My favorite parts: that Nathan said “Meanwhile”, that Anne spells just like I do, and that Molly got the colors in Roy G. Biv order.  What are your favorite parts?



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