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Loose Teeth


They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  In our family, the tooth doesn’t fall far from the mouth.  Or at least…not easily.  I remember losing teeth.  It was horrible. As soon as I had a barely-loose tooth, I would gather an assortment of tools – tweezers, floss, mirrors, paper towels and washcloths, flashlight, nitrous-oxide…okay, no laughing gas.  But everything else.  Seriously.

Tonight, Nathan had a barely-loose tooth.  Not his first, but just like his daddy before him, he knew what he needed to do.  After nearly an hour of prying, digging, twisting, and even tweezing, his perseverance paid off.  Look at that face!


Looks like I need to go buy some ice cream.  How else am I supposed to get change to stuff under his pillow?



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Cheapskate Tooth Fairy


Several months ago my son lost a tooth.  In the middle of the night my wife woke me and asked if I had put any money under his pillow.  I hadn’t.  So with eyes mostly closed, I dug through the change drawer, pulled together $2.00 in quarters, stealthily exchanged the tooth for a Ziploc bag with the coinage, and got back in bed, all without ever really waking up.

Next morning, Nathan came in wearing a huge smile and toting his bag of change.  Me: “Tooth Fairy come last night, buddy?”  Nathan, excitedly: “Yep.  And YOU [very proud that he knows no such fairy exists] left me a dollar and eighty cents!”  He proudly bounced out of the room, cherishing his treasure.  And Amy and I looked at each other puzzled, and then nearly fell on the floor laughing.  Apparently in the middle of the night the tooth fairy can’t tell the difference between a quarter and a nickel!

How I wish I was like Nathan.  Too often I see my Heavenly Father like a cheapskate tooth fairy, not giving me all that I feel like I deserve…of something I could never deserve.  I focus on the “20 cents” He must have forgotten about instead of the bag of money (amazing wife; healthy, beautiful kids; a great church and job; good friends and family…) I’m holding that I had no business receiving.

Do any of you ever feel on the short end of a gift God is in the process of giving you?  What gifts do you most often forget that you need to be completely thankful for?  Tell us about it.

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